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20 Reasons to Join the Marching Koalas



The Marching Koalas


Koala members are chosen by audition and represent 20 schools in the Hunter region. Any young person from age 11.5 yrs on brass, woodwind, percussion or flag (colour guard). Rehearsals are at Plattsburg Public School, Wallsend each Tuesday of school term from 6-9 pm with some weekend rehearsals for special events.

Costs: Registration $100 per year

plus Term Fees : $35 per term or $126 full payment.

Initial Uniform Bond : $100 ($50 refundable )

Come along any Tuesday night during school term to see what we do.  If you decide to join here is the procedure:

*  See Welfare Officer (Tony Wolfgram) to receive information book and registration forms.

* After about 6 weeks of rehearsals pay registration and uniform bond fees

* Collect Blue Form from Treasurer (Harrold Watson) signed by Treasurer and a Director

* Attend Uniform Shop (dates open are listed on this site) to be fitted for Cadet Uniform (Black Travel Uniform/Hat/Tshirt) can take part in performances on Flags.

* Director will audition when appropriate then will sign form to have full uniform issued and take place in performances

Auditions are held at Plattsburg Public School, Wallsend,  NSW, Australia.Touring

Contact 0413 186713 , 0413 186711 or 0413 603622 to arrange a time.


The Marching Koalas are proud to have members from the following schools (although we have listed some schools here we take students from any local Hunter school):

belmonthighBelmont High hspaHunter School Performing Arts hspaCallaghan College Wallsend

logoTomaree High School hspaCallaghan College Jesmond
stpaulsShoal Bay PS stpaulsHunter Christian School
adplogoSt Pius Newcastle
macquarieMacquarie College
spccSt Phillips Waratah
school_logo_1318139016099_1318139016099_mJewells PS
fpsFloraville PS
UoN_logo_squareNewcastle University.

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